7 Simple Kitchen Organization Tips

We spend such a large amount of time each day in our kitchens; keeping things organized can make that time easier.  No one wants to spend time in a kitchen where they can’t find the measuring spoons, or have to dig through all the refrigerator shelves to find the ketchup for a burger.  That’s where a little kitchen organization comes in handy!

Here are some ideas to get you started on your kitchen organization:


  • Store kitchen items near where they will be used:  pots and pans near the stove, containers for leftovers and food-storage wraps near the refrigerator, dishes and silverware near the dishwasher, etc.


  • Store items in a way that makes sense to you and the way you use your kitchen; for example, store coffee filters, sugar bowl, and coffee spoons near the coffee cups.  Or store measuring cups and measuring spoons near the mixing bowls.


  • If you like to bake, create a baking center.  Select a cupboard near the oven, store your mixer on the counter or in the cupboard, use a basket for storing measuring cups and spoons, gather your baking ingredients to store in the cupboard, etc.


  • Put large, seldom-used items (like the turkey roaster or punch bowl) in more out-of-the-way storage places like a hall closet, basement or garage.  Don’t let items like this take up valuable real estate in kitchen cupboards.


7 Simple Kitchen Organization Tips
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  • Don’t store often-used items in cabinets above the stove.  If you reach for them while you are cooking, you might burn yourself.


  • Organize a messy pantry or cabinet by making use of unused vertical space.  Use a double-decker turntable or Lazy Susan, hanging shelves, sliding baskets, stackable containers, etc.  Even cup hooks!


  • Organize your pantry shelves by type of food such as pasta, cereal, and soups.  Categorizing makes it easier to find a particular item.  Label your shelves; this helps when putting away groceries.


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Organizing a kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult.  Just a few changes can result in a more enjoyable time spent in the kitchen.  You might find that you have more creativity when you are cooking for your family, and want to try a few new recipes.  And you may even find family members more willing to help with cooking and chores when the kitchen is better organized.  An added bonus, right there!  Who wouldn’t want more help in the kitchen?!



What are some kitchen organization ideas that you have found helpful?  Please share them in the comments below.


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One thought on “7 Simple Kitchen Organization Tips

  1. The biggest part of my kitchen crying out for organization right now are my coffee mugs. I have so many and I’m running out of space!

    I need to find that perfect thing to help get the up and out of the way.

    Thanks for such a great post on these simple ways to organize. We are so happy you share it with us at The Mommy Monday Blog Hop…

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