Medieval History Resources for Home School

Medieval History Resources
Medieval History Resources

Recently my daughter and I started our experiment in home school.  I have decided to post periodically about what we are studying, what resources/materials we have found to use, etc.

HISTORY – I let my daughter decide where she wanted to start in her study of history, and she chose the Middle Ages.  I know … we could have/should have started with Ancient History.  But we are nothing if not different – so we are starting in the middle.  We found a workbook at the local Learning Palace about the Middle Ages, and that has been our starting point.  We have added to the workbook lessons with resources from the library:

  • History Channel documentary called “The Dark Ages”
  • Oxford “The Middle Ages – An Illustrated History”
  • McRae Books “History – Early Medieval Times”
  • McRae Books “History – Late Medieval Times”

COPYWORK – Part of her daily schedule of school work is copywork; she chooses a book she is reading, and copies from that book until she has filled up a page in her notebook.  This helps her focus on spelling, punctuation, handwriting, etc.  By copying exactly from the book, she gets used to using the correct spelling and punctuation when she writes.  She has chosen to write from various sources, such as the Saint Crispin’s Day speech from Henry V.  That one made me especially happy!

She is interested lately in reading/watching Shakespeare’s plays ever since we watched Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V.  It’s one of my favorite movies, but I wasn’t sure what she would think of it.  Would it be too long for her, and would she get bored due to not being able to follow the language easily?  But I had nothing to worry about – she loved it!

As the movie went along, I would stop periodically to see if she understood what was going on.  For example, we stopped and discussed the significance of the “tennis balls” that are given to Henry early in the story, and Henry’s decision to visit his troops in disguise on the eve of the battle at Agincourt.

She liked it so much, that I found a Henry V graphic novel at the library.  One of her favorite parts in the movie was when Katherine, the French princess, was trying to learn English with the help of her maid.

This is just the beginning of our list of medieval history resources.

Our journey through the Middle Ages continues, and I will post more resources as we continue on.  Let me know what your home school kiddos are doing – so we can compare notes.  I would love to hear from any other home school moms/dads with ideas and resources, too.


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