Mental Health with Winnie the Pooh

OK, so I thought this was appropriate … given where I work.  🙂

If you don’t know, I work in mental health.  I work at the state’s psychiatric care facility.  The state mental hospital, if you will allow me to be blunt.  This is a court-ordered mental facility; meaning that you need to be sent here by a judge.  Most of our patients are criminal (“forensic”) patients, but some are “civil” patients – which means that they didn’t commit a crime to be sent here.  They were deemed a threat to others or themselves, and a judge ordered that they be admitted to our hospital.  All of the patients here were unable to get the help they needed in their county mental health resources.  Patients that cannot be helped by their local mental health resources are sent here, to us.  We are kinda their last mental health resort, so we get the toughest cases.

I work in security, in the Communication Center and Access Control.  “Comm Center” answers all the phones, greets all the visitors, etc.  Pretty much everything going on in the hospital, at one time or another, comes through Comm Center.  Access Control is where we monitor the sally ports throughout the hospital, and watch all the cameras throughout the hospital, and talk on the radios …. throughout the hospital – the main hospital channel for all staff, and the security channel for just security personnel.


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