Mom’s Afternoon Out – Breaking My Routine Schedule

In general, I tend to have a routine schedule.  My work hours are rather structured now, and I don’t have many other commitments at the moment outside of work and home; that will change once school starts, and youngest daughter’s dance classes start again.

So when I am not working, I am home with my daughter.  I have a predictable route that I drive to work each day – you won’t see me deviate much from my schedule and the route that I drive to work.  That’s what I mean by routine schedule.  Predictable is a pretty good description of my life lately;  or maybe “rut” is a better one.  🙂

But that’s OK, because things weren’t always that way until recently.

Friday I deviated from my rut – I had a dentist appointment at noon, and my shift at work started at 2 p.m.

I was on time for my appointment (imagine that!) and (even more amazing) they were ready for me as soon as I got there.  No problems with the cleaning and exam, x-rays looked good, and I scheduled a 6-month appointment for February.  I was standing in the parking lot by 12:45.  Now I had a full hour before I had to even think about getting to work.  What to do?

I drove down the main drag of town, looking for inspiration from the businesses that I passed.  What should I do with a whole unplanned hour of my day?  Lack of funds would keep me from actually buying anything during that hour, so I bypassed most of the businesses that saw.

I settled on a one-stop “price check” trip to Fred Meyers, and browsed through different departments, from Housewares (honestly, how difficult can it be to find a black and white checkered tablecloth; I’ve been looking for one for about a year) to Pet Supplies (my 2 labs sampled an all-natural dog food that this store carries, so I checked out the price – but at almost $34 dollars for a 13 lb bag, I am not ready to forgo my retirement or wipe out my daughter’s college fund to buy it) to the Deli, where I bought lunch; turkey sub sandwich and a bottle of blackberry-flavored water.  Then I walked down the cookie/cracker aisle (big mistake) and bought a package of molasses cookies.  Molasses cookies are my 2nd fave kind of cookie, right behind chocolate chip.

After my wanderings it was about time to head for work, so off I went, feeling very pleased with myself.  Now free of my routine schedule!

So if you were driving westbound on Center Street on Friday about 1:45, you might have seen me.  I was the blonde with the very clean teeth, driving my “solar yellow” PT Cruiser with the windows down (mainly because my AC doesn’t work) with Frank Sinatra blasting on the CD player.  🙂

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