No Motivation Here!

Drat.  Well, it was bound to happen.

No motivation here, because no weight loss this week, and no inches lost.

The last few weeks have been good, especially last Monday’s “weigh & measure session” (you can read about it here) so it stands to reason that things would slow down for a brief (I hope!) time at some point.  Oh well.  I am not going to let it dampen my resolve to get rid of the extra poundage.  I will press on, and stay motivated, although at this point it’s a little more difficult to work up enthusiasm and stay motivated.

Any encouragement you can spare?  Leave me a comment.  I’d like to hear how the rest of you are doing, if you are on this journey with me.  What helps keep you motivated?  And hearing about your successes will encourage me.  So feel free to share!  🙂

6 thoughts on “No Motivation Here!

  1. It is so brave of you to admit where you are and how you are feeling. Ever since me and hubby have been trying to live healthier we definitely have our days. Some motivation I used to pass on to people was don’t you want someone to come up to you and ask “Have you lost weight?” That can motivate you to want to stay on track I hope. 🙂 thanks so much for linking up and sharing with us on Mommy Monday!xoxo

  2. ok, so the inches are falling away on the top half, smh its the butt and thighs who seem to be insisting they in for a long haul. Anyone have a magic eraser?

  3. Since you lost 2 pounds last week you might just be leveling out a little this week. I bet next week will be good again.

    I always try to look at the fact that I am so much thinner than when I started and be happy with that on the weeks that things don’t go as well. If I keep it up in 6 months I will be so much better! After a while the little weekly increments may seem a little discouraging but it will all add up to big losses over time.

  4. Don’t sweat it! Everyone has weeks like that. Just stay on track and focus on the next weigh in. Take a look at your week, is there any thing you can see that caused the plateau? Maybe try switching up your exercise routine, drink more water, or evaluate your eating. There’s good weigh ins and bad weigh ins, it’s a part of life. Don’t let this discourage you and incur a setback! Stay focused, I’m sure the next one will be better 🙂

  5. hahahahaha don’t stress it, sometimes that happens. your post reminded me to check my weight. I normally do it every Monday after a shower form my work out but there was no work out this morning. But I will follow up if I have good news for me. If not we in the same boat 🙂

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