Organizing a Bedroom Nightstand

The room we sleep in should be restful and peaceful.  But if our bedroom is cluttered, our sleep suffers.  Here are a few tips to help with organizing a bedroom nightstand, to help you have sweet dreams again.


  • If you have a small bedroom, use a nightstand with storage drawers.  Try to find one that has legs so it is up off the floor, giving the illusion of more floor space.  You might also look for a nightstand with a glass or mirrored top; this will bounce more light around the room, making the room seem brighter and more airy.


  • Only keep essentials on your nightstand.  A lamp, book, clock, glasses, etc. are all you need on the top of the nightstand.  And don’t plug in items to charge around the bed.  Recharge items at an outlet in the bathroom or kitchen.  It’s been proven that you will sleep better if your electronics are not in the room.


  • If you have a nightstand with little or no storage drawers, consider using decorative boxes to keep small items organized and contained, but out of sight.


  • Here’s an instant organizing trick: Use a serving tray to keep small items neatly corralled on a tabletop. This works everywhere, from kitchen counters to coffee tables, but it’s an especially useful tactic on the bedside table, which often ends up littered with everything from glasses to emery boards.


  • In a small guest bedroom, a wall-mounted bedside table can offer just enough space to hold a lamp and a clock without dominating the tight square footage.  Or you can install wall-mounted lamps on either side of the bed to eliminate the need for a lamp on the nightstand altogether, thereby freeing up needed space for other items.


  • Instead of a traditional bedroom nightstand, you might find that a set of stacking tables next to the bed meets your needs.  The tables nest under each other when not in use, but can be pulled out for holding items as needed.



What are your favorite tips for organizing a bedroom nightstand?  Share them in the comments section below.


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