Organizing A Linen Closet – 3 Easy Steps To Create Order

Tired of carrying a stack of clean towels to the linen closet, then balancing them in one hand while you try to stop the avalanche of sheets, hand towels, blankets, etc. resulting from having opened the door?  Linen closets are notorious for being a “catch all” in every home.  It’s easy to open the door, throw it in, and slam the door again.  Out of sight, out of mind – right?!?!  Time for a course on organizing a linen closet!


Take everything out of the linen closet.  You will only put back what you will truly use.  We tend to use 20% of what we have about 80% of the time.

Get three boxes ready:  KEEP, RE-HOME, and THROW AWAY.  The “re-home” box can be for things you will give to family members, charity, or Goodwill

Put everything that doesn’t belong in the linen closet, but you are keeping, in it’s new home.

Put everything you aren’t keeping (the RE-HOME and THROW AWAY boxes) in the garage.

Wipe off all the shelves and brush down any cobwebs.  Consider using some type of shelf liner, if you want.

Organizing A Linen Closet
Organizing a Linen Closet


Keep:  2 – 3 bath towels per person, 2 – 3 hand towels per person, and 4 washcloths per person

Also, keep 2 sheet sets per bed.  If you have multiple sizes of beds, consider color-coordinating the sheets so you know right away while sets fit on which beds.

How to fold bath towels:  Fold in half, then in half again, then in thirds.  Or roll and stack on the shelves, making them easier to grab and less likely to upset the whole pile.

How to fold sheets:  Fold flat and fitted sheets from the same sheet set, then place them into the matching pillowcase for each set.

Oh come on … you can fold a fitted sheet.  Here’s a schematic for you, courtesy of Matouk, from their blog:

how to fold a fitted sheet

See, wasn’t that easy!  🙂


Make use of file sorters from an office supply store to create stackable space for rolled washcloths and hand towels

Or use shelf dividers to section off areas for bath towels, hand towels, sheet sets, etc.

If you will have room under the shelves, consider using under-mount baskets, that slip over the shelf above and add storage space below.  Use this for small items that you need handy.  Make the most of ALL your space!

Use baskets and bins for smaller items.  Use clear containers to make contents easier to see, or use coordinated baskets for a more upscale look.



Put hooks and/or towel bars on the inside of the linen closet door, making it easier to find a set of towels or set of sheets the next time they are needed.

Or consider putting an ironing station there; attach a hook/holders on the door for ironing board, iron and spray starch.

Or put a bin (or two) on the door to hold the most-grabbed items – like TP, maybe?  🙂






Use center shelves for things you use most often.  Use the higher and lower shelves for things you don’t need access to as often.

Place seasonal items/linens on an upper shelf, out of the way.  Keep what you use the most front and center.

Cleaning Supplies:  toss what you no longer use, discard anything that is leaking or torn, and anything that is over a year old.  Make a list of what you need to replace.

Put like items together.  Put items not used as frequently on a higher shelf.  Use bins or baskets to hold smaller items.

Top Shelves – Extra sheets, extra blankets, extra pillows, season linens (table clothes, etc.)

Middle Shelves (used the most) – Bath towels, washcloths, hand towels, baskets with small, frequently used items (sponges, brushes, etc.)

Lower shelves – paper towels, household supplies, toilet paper, trash bags, tissue, etc.

If you have small children, you may want to put cleaning supplies, trash bags, etc. on an upper shelf, out of their reach.


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What are your tips for organizing a linen closet?  Share them in the comments below, or share a post on the subject.

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  1. Great suggestions here.
    I’m always surprised how few people know how to fold a fitted sheet! I learned from an Amish lady that came to help out around the house. She taught me many many things!

    Coming from Motivational Mondays #51

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