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Staying healthy is important as a dispatcher; not only do I hate to be sick, but if I have to call in sick that means they have to call in someone else to take my place. And our center is under-staffed enough as it is; no sense adding to that problem. So that’s why it’s important for me to do everything I can to stay healthy, and part of that is taking my vitamins every day.

Women's Daily Vitamins
Women’s Daily Vitamins

These daily vitamins are full of anti-oxidants, etc. And they meet the requirements I have to keep my body going at it’s best. I try to stay healthy with exercising regularly and these give me the energy I need to do just that. Because I hate to exercise about as much as I hate to be sick.  Staying motivated to exercise is difficult for me – its too easy to back out on my exercise plan if I feel like I have no energy.

Plus, they help to manage stress – something that all dispatchers battle every day.

Wanna learn more!  Here are two sites:  Arbonne’s website, and my Facebook page; Joan Merrell, Independent Consultant for Arbonne International.

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