See … Mom Is Right Sometimes!

Sometimes Mom is right, and today proved that!

Both my daughters are nuts for books, which isn’t surprising given the fact that I am their mother.  I have always loved to read, and when I was younger would always get in trouble for reading under the covers by flashlight.  I once read the entire book of Robin Hood one summer night while sleeping outside.  So from the time they were little my daughters were encouraged to read.  Trips to the local city library, reading at bedtime each night, etc.

It’s not surprising my oldest daughter ended up graduating from college with a degree in English Lit.  She is always reading new books, and inspiring me to read  more as well, even though I don’t have as much time as I used to for enjoying a good novel or biography.

My youngest is moving from children’s books to “teen and young adult” reading.  We went to the library this morning after a hike at the local state park (we live about 5 miles away) and she asked to check out a book or two.  We had been talking about favorite authors and writers, and I had encouraged her to start reading one of my favorite authors, Frank Peretti.  Not only has he written adult fiction, but he has also written for the young adult market as well.  I told her we should try to find a book called Hangman’s Curse.  I had read it several years ago (even though I was long past the “young adult” phase of my life) and thought she would enjoy it.

She didn’t seem convinced, until I mentioned that her older sister had read that book recently.  Instantly that become the book of choice.  Funny how that happens – older sister’s taste in literature carries a great deal more weight than mom’s recommendations, even when we are recommending the same book!  🙂

So we searched the computer listings at the library for the book and, sure enough, it was on the shelves.  After locating Hangman’s Curse she wanted to get another book to work on as well.  She told me she wanted to find Twilight – just to see what all the fuss was about.  Now, honestly, I could have lived my life happily without her ever encountering that book.  I think there are so many other BETTER books that she could be reading, and I was never one to read a book just because everyone else raved about it.  Besides, to quote my sister (here’s her amazing blog – The Crooked Fence Blog ) “vampires shouldn’t sparkle.”  But I didn’t say anything, just let her check out both books.  On the way to the car I asked her which book she was going to start reading first, and she replied Twilight … oh well, I didn’t say anything.  She’ll get around to Peretti.  Sometimes Mom is right and she just has to be patient.

I had to go to the bank before we started home, and youngest daughter was reading while I drove.  We had just reached the bank, and she had read all of two pages, when Twilight landed in the backseat, and as I was walking into the bank she picked up Hangman’s Curse.  When I came out a few minutes later, she yelled out the open window of the car, “Thank you!”  I got into the car and said, “You’re welcome.  Now … what did I do?”  She then thanked me for referring her to Peretti and Hangman’s Curse.  SCORE!  🙂

The law of averages is on my side.  Sometimes Mom is right.



One thought on “See … Mom Is Right Sometimes!

  1. What a sweet story. I love it when one of my children “take to” a really great book. It reminds me that we need to be reading more…
    Thank you for sharing at Wake Up Wednesday!

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