New Toilet Seat

It’s Tackle It Tuesday, and I accomplished something I have put off for quite a while now.

This is an example of one of those household repairs that you know needs to be done, but you keep putting off.  The longer you see something the less you really “see” it – that’s what I think.  This stupid toilet seat (or more appropriately, the lid to the toilet seat) has been broken for about a year now.  Yes, I know – pathetic, right!?!?

It happened when my youngest daughter was taking a shower in my bathroom.  The dogs were outside barking, and when she got out of the shower she wanted to see why they were barking.  There is a little window above the toilet, so she closed the lid and stepped up on the lid.  What she didn’t realize is that the lid already had a crack in it.  It was one of those cheap plastic ones, and for whatever reason had sustained a crack sometime earlier.  Well, the lid gave way and broke into several pieces.  She’s lucky she didn’t cut her foot badly on the jagged edges.

So for the past year I have had a toilet seat with (essentially) no lid – just a jagged piece of plastic near the hinge of the lid and the seat.  Finally, I decided today it’s time to fix it.  So after a quick trip to Walmart, I got a new toilet seat.

It was easier than I thought it would be.  Not sure why I thought it would be more difficult than it was – but I did.  But just a few minutes later, and I had a new toilet seat.

So my “take away” from this?  Don’t be afraid to tackle the household repairs.  Most of the time, they are not as difficult as I might think.  I am more resourceful and handy than I think I am.  Next week – I’m fixing the doorknob on the bathroom door!  🙂


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  1. Only really funny cuz my hubby replaced the ones in both of our bathrooms yesterday after I FINALLY remembered to pick up new ones!

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