Teenagers These Days (This momma was a little surprised)


I took a call last week from a mom that wanted to report her teenage daughter as missing.  Her daughter was 17 years old and had been hiking with a 16 year old male friend at a local state park – the same one where I often go hiking.

I took the information that we always take for a missing person; description and what were they last seen wearing, description of the vehicle they might be in, last time that the caller had contact with them, when were they expected back, etc.  All this time, I am feeling very sympathetic to the mom – I have two daughters of my own, and don’t know how I would handle things if either of them every went missing.

And I know this state park well; lots of places to fall, lots of way to get injured along the trails.  I grew up just a few miles from that park, and as a kid I spent a great deal of time there.  My best friend was the park ranger’s daughter, and she and I would roam all over the park.  I know that it would be very easy for someone to get off a trail and lose their sense of direction, getting lost and disoriented.

Later on I check on that particular call for no other reason than I am curious to see if these two teenagers were found, and I read the comments in the call from the deputy.  Turns out these two teenagers exactly match the description of two teens that were arrested a little earlier at the state park – for a drug offense and an ELUDE (which means they ran from the deputy) – and are now being housed in JDH.

Well, well, well …  🙂


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