Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

So it’s Thanksgiving Day … and the family is gathered at your home.  And there are all the parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.  Your home has been cleaned, silverware polished, table set and the food prepared.  All the guests have arrived, and there is excitement in the air.

With lots of kids running around.  And you want to corral that energy, maybe even harness it into something creative or constructive.  Like crafts.  Thanksgiving crafts for kids.  But what to do?  What kind of crafts or activities will keep them all entertained?  And where do you find the materials to do said crafts/activities with the kids?

Here are a few ideas to keep the youngsters engaged while you make sure that dinner hits the table when it’s supposed to this year.



You can also check out this post on Creating Thanksgiving Traditions for some ideas on how to have the kids create Thanksgiving crafts to decorate your table, and make it very special.


And here are several great ideas for activities throughout the month of November.  Keep it handy for next year!


What is your favorite Thanksgiving craft or activity for kids?

Do your kids have a certain tradition for Thanksgiving?

Share them below in the comments!  We all need some new ideas from time to time.



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