“There’s a Secret International Crime Society at the Motel”

Last call of the day yesterday, and it was worth the wait.  🙂

911 call came in, and I hear a female voice saying, “There’s a man at the door and he’s trying to kill me.”  I immediately ask for her address, but she’s not listening.  She’s just keeps repeating that a man is pounding on her door, armed with a knife, and going to kill her.  I keep asking for the address, desperately looking at one of my computer screens that maps the caller’s location and trying to determine an address to send help.

Surprisingly, I hear nothing in the background.  No pounding on the door.  No male voice yelling and/or cursing.  No sounds of any kind, except for the caller’s whispered yet insistent voice.

I ask again for the address, and my caller gives me the name of a motel in a neighboring small city.  I use the motel’s name as a landmark and find the exact address.  Then I try to figure out in which room my caller is located.  So I ask – again and again, and she’s still not listening.  Her voice is tight and desperate, and she’s telling me I need to get help there RIGHT NOW or she will be dead.  I finally get her to focus long enough to give me the room number.

I now must try to get her name, while getting the call sent in to the local police.  I’m still not sure what is going on, but I want to get police headed that direction ASAP … just in case.

We go around and around … caller not listening to and not answering my questions, just her insistence that she is going to be murdered and it will be MY fault, because I didn’t get the police there soon enough.  I keep asking her what is going on, and I am told (from what I can understand of her ramblings) that:

  • She is the victim of a secret international crime society that is going to kill her
  • She was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and say something she shouldn’t have seen
  • There is a friend in the motel room with her, armed with a knife and poised by the door, ready to attack whomever gets through that motel door.  She will not tell me the friend’s name, nor will she let me speak to them
  • Someone how a white Chrysler vehicle is mixed up in all this
  • She has a buck knife in her possession
  • This secret international crime society is based in Hawaii, with satellite branches in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and (apparently) our little neighboring city which shall remain nameless

Since I have heard nothing in the background for the entire call, and based on the information she keeps repeating to me, I am pretty certain that this is someone on drugs and/or with an over-active imagination.  So I keep her on the phone, attempting to get more information (mainly for officer safety) – in between long pauses where she wanders off somewhere and won’t talk to me.  I keep an eye on my other computer screen which tells me the status of the police unit that is making it’s way to the motel.  I see when they are dispatched, when they go enroute, and then I see the blessed words “On Scene.”  I keep an open line, because my caller has again wandered off somewhere, and try to hear if the officers have made contact with her yet.  Then I see “1 in custody” on the screen.  OK, they’ve obviously made contact with her.  Well, looks like my caller will be finding other lodgings for the night.

Another secret international crime society “hit” – foiled!  😉


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