Update on 911 Dispatcher Job – Director’s Interview, Here I Come!

I got a long-awaited email this morning.  It said they want to schedule me for a Director’s Interview next week.  This is the last step in the hiring process (I think), before they make a tentative job offer.  That means I am one step closer to getting this job.  Whoop whoop!

Happy Dance!
Happy Dance!

It’s been slow going so far. This process started back in July. There have been two sets of tests, an interview process, a background check, … and everything has taken longer than they initially thought. Oh well … at least the process is moving, albeit slowly.

There are six positions available. When I counted noses at the first round of testing (the “Ergometrics” testing) there were about 40 of us taking the test.  I have no idea how many of us are still in the process. I know that by the time the background check phase rolled around we were down by about half.

So please keep praying, sending out good thoughts, etc.  I can certainly use all of that!  The past few weeks have been very stressful as I have waited to hear back from them.

But so far so good! 🙂

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