Easy DIY Candy Buffet for Single Moms

As a single mom, I have many plates that have to keep spinning, and only ME to make that happen.  Birthdays and special occasions have a way of sneaking up on all of us, especially when your main priority is holding down a job to pay bills, making sure kids get to school on time and get fed on time, etc.  You all know the drill.  So it comes as no surprise to any single mom when I say … I have been guilty of letting my daughter’s birthday sneak up on me, and not being as prepared as I should have been.  Everyone wants their child’s birthday to be special and memorable.  Our child shouldn’t think their special day got lost in the shuffle of everyday responsibilities.  But how do we, as single moms, manage to mark that birthday or special event so our child feels special and loved?

This is a guest post, written by Wendy Dessler on behalf of Sweet Services.  It highlights an easy way for single moms to plan and pull off a memorable birthday party for our kids without a lot of hassle.


Easy DIY Candy Buffet for Single Moms

For single moms, handling all of the preparations for the next birthday party, Halloween party, or Christmas extravaganza is twice as hard as it is for those who are in a committed relationship. So, single mothers have to take advantage of easy decoration and dessert opportunities whenever they come along. Because a DIY candy buffet can certainly act as both.

How can single mothers easily create gorgeous candy buffets for the important events in their lives? And how can they make it fun for the whole family by letting their kids help create this beautiful masterpiece? As a single mom, we understand that you have too much to do and so much on your plate that it’s not even funny. And this is why we’ve decided to share our best tips and tricks for easy DIY candy buffet creation.

Does that sound appealing? We certainly hope so because we’ve written this for all of the single moms out there struggling to make their children’s lives just a little bit better and brighter each day.


Picking the Perfect Theme for Your Next Big Event & How It Ties into DIY Candy Buffet Creation

Choosing the ideal theme for the next big event in your life is necessary before you can begin the candy buffet creation process.

Why is that?

Simply put, it’s much easier to determine the particular style and colors needed for your DIY candy buffet when you know the theme at the time.

Let’s say you’re hosting a birthday bash for a group of eight and nine-year-old girls. Your daughter is just about to turn nine, and she is head over heels in love with everything related to Angry Birds! It’s by far her favorite video game, and now that she’s seen the movie a few hundred times, it’s safe to say that she is an Angry Birds fan for life!

See how theme ties into DIY candy buffet creation? Now that you know you’re going to host an Angry Birds party, you can choose your candy accordingly.

If you can find Angry Birds specific candy, then you definitely have to buy some for your candy buffet. On the other hand, if Angry Birds candy doesn’t fit in with your budget or you just can’t find any that you like, you can at least use the Angry Birds colors when filling the dishes of your gorgeous candy display!

Knowing the party theme is so important to creating a candy buffet. So figure this out ahead of time and then move onto the next step.


Purchasing Sugary Sweets & Bowls and Dishes for Your Candy Display

At this stage of the game, it’s time to begin purchasing candy as well as bowls and dishes for your buffet.

Do you have clear dishes or bowls that you can place candy in for your display? If not, you’ll need to buy new ones.

We recommend visiting an online bulk candy supplier when choosing the candy. Sit down in front of your computer with your kids and let them pick out their favorite candies based on the pictures provided on the website.


This makes life easier for single moms in two ways.

First, they can order the candy for the buffet and have it shipped directly to their door without ever needing to leave their house. Second, it’s a simple way to keep your children calm and relaxed as they choose the candy for the display.


For easy to acquire bulk candy, visit www.sweetservices.com.


Creating the Easy DIY Candy Buffet

Creating the display is easy. If you’re lost and stuck for ideas, we recommend visiting Pinterest or doing a simple Google image search to look at candy displays that others have created. Use these pictures as a guideline and you’ll have a beautiful display created in no time.

Angry Birds Candy Buffet
Easy DIY Angry Birds Candy Buffet


Are you ready to take the DIY candy buffet challenge? Use this information as a guide and you’ll create a beautiful display for your friends and loved ones to enjoy.












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